PLAY 3D wall cutout

PLAY 3D wall cutout

This beautiful "PLAY" wall cutout is the perfect soft, boho style accent for your childs room or playroom!


It is made from 1/4" raw maple plywood


SMALL - 8" tall per letter and 6-8" wide per letter (measures approx. 40" wide when spaced as shown)
LARGE - 11" tall per letter and 9-11" wide per letter (measures approx 52" wide when assembled as shown)

*The photo posted is 52" wide; but you can space the letters however you'd like!


I have found that either 3M command strips or gorilla tape work wonderfully. It is super easy to assemble, and no hardware is required.



Usually 1-2 weeks for this item. you will be notified once it is ready!


**Please note that natural maple is used; so the grain and wood character will be unique for each piece.

    PriceFrom C$25.00
    Excluding GST/HST