3D acrylic porch sign

3D acrylic porch sign

This rustic sign is a great accent for your covered porch!


This custom house number is made out of wood, MDF and acrylic. It is a 3D sign with raised acrylic numbers. The letters are black, the background is engraved (if you choose) and topped with a white high quality paint, and the frame is stained.  It is made with a pine wood frame and sturdy MDF backing. Frames are secured with nails and wood glue for long lasting durability.


Backing: MDF painted white
Frame: Stained pine
Stand off and raised numbers: clear and black acrylic


8.5” tall x 14.5” wide *could differ by 1/2".
(dimensions Include the frame)


The natural ledge on the back of the sign is perfect for easy hanging. *hardware is not included* 


please note this is designed to be under a covered porch! If the sign is completely exposed to the elements, it will damage the sign over time. 

each sign may vary slightly and the frames are unique and may have knots and different wood character to them.


Turnaround is usually 1-2 weeks.

    PriceFrom C$70.00
    Excluding GST/HST